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Attention California Voters!!!! Poll legalize yes or no?

Attention California Voters!!!! Poll legalize yes or no?

I support Proposition 19 Regulate, Legalize, and Tax Cannabis Act 2010 California Why should we legalize marijuana? Well, I could sit here for hours giving you great reasons to vote yes on 19 or plain and simple vote to legalize marijuana. If we legalize marijuana we as in the state / county Will take the profit that our local street gangs an living off of just selling marijuana and they are living rich and wealthy in some cases. What do street gangs buy with the money the make from selling marijuana? Drugs…Guns… ,beer, they pay their bills. Note to everyone Voting NO on Prop 19. Street gangs, Marijuana growers/sellers and m than likely the Drug Cartles are putting. A who of money into The NO on Prop 19 campaign so they don’t lose their Jobs and Funding. Don’t b Fool and support these Illegal marijuana Grow ops and street gangs and so on… by criminalization of marijuana you are supplying crimals jobs tax free.

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