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Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

In the marijuana seeds industry there is a new trend that seems unstoppable: the autoflowering cannabis seeds. But what does it mean autoflowering, and why are they so requested? To answer this question we need to look a little bit closer at the lifecycle of a female cannabis plant.

A long summer of waiting

In nature, the cannabis seeds germinate in mid-late spring and each female plant grows for the whole spring and part of the summer. Then after june 21 (assuming we are in the northern hemisphere) the lenght of the night start to grows. The plant react to the longer period of dark and in the begin of august it start to show the sign of the flowering. The flowers mature then in about 2 further months. For a marijuana grower, this mean one of these 2 things:

– to wait till the end of the summer before having the flowers ready to be harvested


– to provoke artificially the flowering.

The second solution means that each plant must stay in the dark for about 12 hours a day for the whole flowering period. If this condition is not satisfied, the plant will simply not flower. Or it will even stop the flowering process and re-start the vegetative growth.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds: a fast growth solution for a world that run faster and faster.

After 2 decades of selective inbreeding, the cannabis industry has managed to produce seeds that generate female plant that will complete their lifecycle in about 60 days, from seedling to a perfectly ripe marijuana bud. They deserve the adjective autoflowering because they flower independently from the number of hours of dark received every day. They complete the flowering even under 24 hours of light per day. For the growers, this mean to get a very fast harvest under the most different conditions and in the most various locations, indoor and outdoor. Autoflowering cannabis seeds have given the possibility to grow to people that for reason of space or time had never grown marijuana seeds before. The techniques of productions of these kind of seeds are now mature. Compared to the traditional strains, it is today possible to get 90% of the harvest of 85% of the THC content and at the same time, to save 33% of the time.

Paco Lanciato is a breeder of the Ministry of Cannabis team, specialized in the autoflowering cannabis seeds production.

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