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Baby Boomers, Medical Marijuana, and Headshops

Baby Boomers, Medical Marijuana, and Headshops

Baby Boomers, Medical Marijuana, and Headshops

The graying of America has led a group of baby boomers into uncomfortable territory. Medical Marijuana may be prescribed for some “boomers” who have been alien to pot, or at least away from it for a while.  In addition, many headshops which peppered the streets of many cities in the seventies, are now online entities. Medical Marijuana has resurrected the ghosts of 70’s  past, and now baby boomers must re-view some of the paraphernalia needed to deliver their medicine in the most efficient and economical way.

One of the hottest holiday gifts and most important device for the delivery of Medical Marijuana is a vaporizer. In fact, MedLine reports studies that support the use of vaporization (The Volcano) as a viable means of efficient smokeless delivery. The fact that a governmental level study has been conducted is important, since the FDA frowns upon smoked medicine. The main benefit is that your throat is spared irritation from a cigarette like experience.

The Volcano vaporizer, which was used in the study, and the “V” Tower Extreme, are front runners for VAPES of the year. Many old school boomers will fall back on regular rolling papers, blunt wraps, cones (splif papers), pipes, bongs, hookahs, or chillums. All of these are efficient (and necessary) for Medical Marijuana delivery.

A new comer to the headshop scene is the herb Grinder. An arthritic patient or vaporizer user would greatly appreciate an object designed to mash, grind, and crush the Medical Marijuana into an easy to heat source. The classic wooden Grinder would be an excellent gift item.

Speaking of gifts, when you visit an online headshop, remember there are plenty of possibilities. The list also includes Drug Test Kits, Mood Enhancers, Novelty Ash-Trays, Souvenir Lighters, Smokeshop supplies & legal herb, black light posters, beads, jewelry, incense, hemp clothing, and an endless array of memorabilia.


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