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Buying new head phones, HELP?

Buying new head phones, HELP?

Ok, I just got some headphones for Christmas, the jvc marsh-mellow gel ones. hated them, felt like I was wearing ear plugs, and I understand they are supposed to block outside sound, but I could hear NOTHING else, felt like I was underwater or in a long deep tunnel with ears plugged. I am looking for a GOOD set of headphones/earphones, 20 to 25 bucks or under, from walmart, best buy or some other store that I can get at the store (NOT ONLINE!)

I want ones that are over the head, behind the head, or clip on, BUT NOT ONES THAT have to slide into ur ear or ear canal, just the ones that cup over the whole ear almost.

Like these


NOT like these cuz they go in the ear


or they can be behind the head wraparound kind, like these.


Please, thanks.

I have been looking at the ones below. If you like them, or know of ones that are better, tell me. Remember I will be shopping at a local place like wal mart, or bestbuy, not buying online, and 20 to 25 dollars. Thanks.




To the last answer, I have been interested in the Koss ones just two concerns, How well do they stay on during movement and exercise, and how quiet are they? can everyone around me far away hear what I’m listening too? I don’t want to disturb everyone.

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