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Can I get in trouble for publishing my “Harrry Pot-ter” book?

Can I get in trouble for publishing my “Harrry Pot-ter” book?

As a new author, I realize how hard it is to write a successful book. My friends often remind me on how the odds are against writing a best seller the first time out. My friends tell me- “Forget it, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning while sliding up a rainbow”
My friends don’t know ME very well. I want success, and I want it NOW. Writing is a highly competitive field and one must find a way to stand out. I literally tripped over the answer when my niece left her Harry Potter book on the floor, leaving me to trip over it. 16 stitches later, it occured to me that if I spell JK Rowlings intellectual property slightly different, it may not be her property. So if I publish my soon to be best seller “XJ14-jj**AHHHHH!!!!!” with the subtitle “Harrry Pot-ter and the Half-Blood Prince” people will flock to buy what they think is an early release of the new Harry Potter book. They may feel tricked and angry at first, but after they read my story about hairballs, plumbing and why the main character Gertrude turns to Jesus, they’ll be glad they did!

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