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Can I get prescribed Medical Marijuana for this?

Can I get prescribed Medical Marijuana for this?

I was wondering if I could possibly get prescribed Marijuana for my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PT-SD). What happened was from the time I was about 6 till around 8 or 9 I was raped almost every day of my life. It got to the point to where I thought it was a normal thing and that there was nothing wrong with it. Until I was about 12 years old he made me brainwashed into thinking that I was gay(which I am not) no offense to anyone who’s sexuality is that, but that isn’t me. I tried to tell my mom what was going on but she was in denial of it at the time. I got a psychiatrist at about age 13 and he started me up on xanax. after him increasing the dose twice up to full 2mg bars i messed up. I was having one of those days where i didn’t care and I took 3 full bars at 15 years old 160 lbs. I had what you would call “a blackout” and ended up in the hospital cause they found me half way in my door way passed out and seizing. Got off that real quick like. Then a friend of mine introduced me to pot at age 15 about 3 months after the incident and I love it, helps me with everything honestly. It improved my grades, social life, mentality, and my anxiety immediately. I am also one of those good kids with only one ticket on my record for truancy (from the xanax incident). So i’m 18 years old going off to Colorado to start my new life and collage. So do you think I would have high chances of getting my marijuana medical card in my situation?

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