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Can you fail a live scan because of this?

Can you fail a live scan because of this?


My younger brother went to get his livescan done on the 13th of March for a pharmacy tech job and its been more than 2 weeks now and still got no reply. I’m getting worry and so here is my questions.

My little brother had been a trouble some boy ever since and amazingly he never get caught doing anything that’s considered to be stupid and dangerous with his friends…well, except this time, stealing from Walmart. I remembered that when he was 13 or 14, he stole a recharger for some sort of device (maybe for his game) that was under $20 for the heck of it. He got busted and had to go do community service and some counseling. Anyways, now that he’s 20 and been off trouble ever since; except recently failing a drug test (obviously marijuana) for an intern in hospital.

My question is will this ruin his livescan result or make it look bad or whatever. And does failing a drug test also have a bad impact on your livescan?


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