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Can you treat Migraine headache beside marijuana?

Can you treat Migraine headache beside marijuana?

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Can you saunter on gravel roads barefoot and it not hurt your foot? okay I can but I have hard foot but most people can’t stand the rocks on thier feet because thier foot are to soft. As a child I lived on a ranch in the western US. When college let out for…Can you seize arthritus if you pop your fingers and stuff? I always pop my neck, wager on, fingers, knees, ankles, and toes all the time. if i can get arthritus, how do i stop? its a HORRIBLE way.. i do it every morning yes cause ur rubbing bone against bone…eventually the cartlidge between the…Can you serve my knees agony problem? Hi I have been have intense knee pain when I bend it to a unshakable degree, like a burning, stretching sensation. Anyone know what it might be? It may be water within the knee. Have it looked at. You don’t want to let knees problems go untreated. They…Can you share any self-massage technique for express stress nouns? dun feel shy,masturbation is the best self chafe technique for quick stress relief. i reflect u know how 2 do it! if notluk in internet! post me with your mailid to discuss further as it requires practice and discussion otherwise follow…Can you smoke while you enjoy strep throat? I have strep throat and my mom said not to smoke, so I haven’t been, but I really call for a cigarette. Will it hurt? Its phycically possible. It CAN hurt sometimes. And i wouldnt do it if i be you because it is especially unhealthy to…Can you snort acetaminophen hydrocodone. it is white and long and say WATSON 349 on one side?is it snortable? i have acetaminophen hydrocodone watson 349 pills, there white and long. wandering minus any fussing about why im asking this if i would be able to snort this pill? its 5g hydro & 500g acetaminophen i…Can you snort Prednisone? Kyle is right and if you’re still thinking of snorting a perscription steroid like that, then you’re a f’n idiot. do not snort prednisone if your pharmacist/physician did not instuct you to do so. it sounds approaching you are having questions give or take a few your medication. re-read your auxilory…Can you sprain your ear next to a quetip? The other day I accidentally..shoved a quetip in my ear, and it cause alot of pain. It went away, but very soon, two days later, I seem to enjoy more pain in that ear and it seem to be spreading. Should I worry? …Can you start taking paxil while taking oxycodone for misery? i was recently prescribed oxycodone due to have oral surgery done and my psychiatrist had prescibed paxil for me to start taking immediately. I didn’t even have an idea that to ask my doctor when it was prescribed but i wanted to know can i…Can you step on almost any surface barefoot in need discomfort? no.. Yes, since I go barefoot almost everywhere. There are some gravel type surfaces that I have to negotiate more wisely. Also, in the heat of the summer, sometimes the parking lot of the grocery store get pretty bad….Can you still bring back prescribed oxycontin fundamentally confidently surrounded by southern florida at niggle organization clinics? my mom has horrible back/neck pain and she be considering going down there to get medication. we live contained by washington so pretty much im just wanting to know if it is worth it to go down in…Can you sue for twinge from drought of using anesthesia during a surgery? My mom had a tube inserted into one of her arm but the surgeon did not use any anesthesia during the operation. 5 medical staff pin her down during the operation. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. You can sue for…Can you suggest anything to alleviate this headache? I’ve tried eating, Tylenol, Advil, Sudafed, and Ultram at different points throughout the day, adjectives to no avail. I even had a coworker pull my curls up into a super-tight ponytail (which sometimes works, for some strange reason)–that worked for about 20 minutes, but now it’s…Can you support me find a perfect hospital contained by (queens)NY? becuase i would like to know where i can find the best medical treatment. so please support me. google it… NY=best mds within the world This past summer, I went to Cornell NY Presbyterian Hospital for surgery and they be amazing!…Can you sustain me next to my stomach issues? My doctor gave me some anti-biotics. I have an appointment next to the a specialist in regards to my stomach issues on the 12th of March. Currently, I am have nausea/dizziness/headache/gurgling stomach/acid reflux: the most severe is the nausea where I just want to puke adjectives…Can you take a cranium throbbing from sleeping too much? if you sleep without drinking you could become dehydrated, which would basis a headache..? help me out ? -http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuP70S7OT5Z0sriBKh0AKZXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100306115802AA3QDnN I if truth be told woke up this morning with a headache and I slept a good 11 hours. Unsure if that relates at adjectives with…Can you take addicted to Percocet? YES it is highly addictive be vastly careful with this drug or any controlled substance if you thinking about your life. Yes. Percocet uses a potent narcotic called OxyCodone as its active ingredient and it can be outstandingly addictive. Only use narcotic pain relievers like this…Can you touch dull pain contained by a dream? I didn’t think you could but last dark i had a dream that my bottom left tooth have like a hole in it, it be so painful until it fell out in the dream. I don’t know if i be like sleeping in someway that be…Can you tramp barefoot on a bunch of sharp rocks? Gravel, even the crushed rock kind they use surrounded by railroads and such, doesn’t bother me and it’s even quite cool to bearing on it and notice how easy it is. Loose rocks on dirt trails aren’t impossible either, large & sharp stones on pavement…Can you treat Migraine headache beside marijuana? My girlfriend has smoked marijuana for about three years presently. She recently quit though! it has be about 1 month now since she have smoked. She was recently admit to the hospital for really bad head headache ;Headaches;. could marijuana have been suppressing this chronic dull pain the…Can you truly trust the depression pills , and other medicine that you are taking, that are doctor prescribed a lot of times, i wonder do i really need adjectives of this medicine that the doctor is selling me? And if i w anted to get rotten of some of it. which ones do i…Can you trust online pharmacies? if you don’t have a prescription, can you get surrounded by trouble for using online pharmacies? Yes you can.. Only trust the ones that are Pharmacy Checker Approved & Cipa approved. www.CanadaPharmacy.Com is the largest mail instruct pharmacy in the world which ships hundreds of drugs across the border. They…Can you undamagingly purloin Amitriptyline beside a low dose of tramadol for misery? Can you safely take Amitriptyline 75mg a time with a low dose of tramadol for pain? If it is chancy then I plan to come off the Amitriptyline and straight onto the tramadol for my cramp Thanks in advance Well here is…Can you update me the use i capture heartburn when i munch through chocolate.? Cos chocolate is so yummy you scoff it down really really quick which makes you get the impression very very sick If you hold acid reflux or bile reflux, chocolate is one of the foods you shouldn’t…Can you use anesthesia while getting piercing? I’m dared to get snakebites [ but im afraid of needles lmao] so is near any possibilty i can be given anesthesia while getting snake bites? It doesn’t even hurt. Don’t be afraid of needles. They’re quick and almost painless. Your body knows how to…

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