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Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas Shopping Tips

Can you believe how close we are to Christmas? Got your Christmas shopping all done?That is so far from the truth or you would not be reading this. I want to help eliminate most if not all of your Christmas shopping stress. Giving gifts should be fun and exciting. There is a great possibility that you could have all of your shopping complete in a single afternoon without even leaving your house. How is this really possible? Read what I have to say.It’s no big secret that people who shop online save money and time. Shopping online is going to make your Christmas shopping stress free.Don’t become over zealous with your credit and start buying everything that looks like a good deal.Seems like I always go back and Christmas shop at Amazon. It’s not because Amazon has the coolest looking site. It’s because Amazon has partnered with so many highly rated companies like Disney and will offer you better deals than you can get on the retailers home site! Amazon has low over head. They deal in huge volumes of merchandise like Walmart and Costco. It’s almost a guarded secret that Amazon offers free shipping and does not charge sales tax!Amazon uses the one cart shopping method. Chose from thousands of online retailers and pay with just one shopping cart. Orders $25 or more should be eligible for free Super Saver Shipping. If you want an extra $30 in free shopping money, sign up for Amazon’s MasterCard! Thirty dollars more to spend. Trash the card and keep the cash!Just about everything is sold at Amazon. Everything. It’s gotta be legal. But you know what I mean. It it’s sold, then Amazon carries it.Disorganized or organized shopper? Don’t worry because you are going to look like a rock star whether your organized or not. Even if you are not organized, stick to your budget. If it’s a thousand bucks, don’t go over that amount! Nothing hurts worse than paying off your Christmas shopping in July!I have given you so much hype on Amazon that you be thinking that is the only place to shop. No way. Do Google searches for online coupons. Often, they are loss leaders and you can score some hot deals. Check the shipping fees and sales tax before you place an order. The tax alone will kill you. I bet that even our state congressional leaders shop online to avoid sales tax…shh!!!Top Ten Christmas Shopping Tips1. Online shopping is the way to go-forget the malls.2. Get the free shipping offers.3. Purchase from sites that do not charge state sales tax.4. Take advantage of online gift wrapping services.5. Deliver your long distance gifts from the online retailer (hey, it’s free!)6. Gift cards make you look really smart so use them.7. Search Google for coupons.8. Combining orders will ensure that you qualify for free shipping.9. Go directly to manufactures sites for product research. Manufacture sites are super.10. Choose major retailers because their return policies are generally more liberal. It’s much simpler.To find all the best online deals and tips, proceed directly to the links listed below.

Angel Perris in foot hills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California with her husband and 4 children. She does nearly all of her Christmas shopping online.

She created Christmas Top Selling, a top Internet shopping site to help people save time and money by shopping online.

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