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Cited for Pot. need legal advice! CA?

Cited for Pot. need legal advice! CA?

Longstory short. I am 19, currently going to highschool, and have perscription of marijuana for anxiety,depression and insomnia. I have suffered from these symptoms after death of my grandfather,Home sick,and tough life living through by myself. I never abuse it, i just used before going to sleep.
Medical marijuana definetly improved my life.
This is what happen. I went to highschool as ordinary. I parked my car at parking lot ,and was standing infront of my car, untill the bell ring. But group of student was smoking cigarette around my car. Therefore, school saw it and take us to office and they have searched me but they have found nothing. And they searched my car and found about 0.1gram particle of marijuana on the floor, marijuana pipe that was given freely from dispensary as a customer and 8plastic beg in one, that i have never used. Pipe and plastic beg was kept in cabinet at front. When they found those item, i told them i have perscription of marijuana and showed them the perscription. But they seemed like they didn’t really care.
By the time i was being caught, other guy was caught with ecstasy. Therefore, school called cop, and cop start to deal with the guy with ecstasy. After him, deal with the guy and hand cuff him. Police ask me, ” Do you slang” I said “no”. And he asked why i have medical perscription, I told him because of anxiety and depression. That was it.. Police wrote me a citation of misdemeanor possession of marijuana on school ground and left with the guy with ecstasy. According to proposition 215 and since marijuana was kept in the car and wasn’t reach of me. I believe i didn’t violated a law.
My court date was due by 12/8/2008. But, I went to court but they told me no filing, told me to call them once a week.
I have been calling once a week since 12/08/2008 and case still have not filed yet. Today is 1/24/08. I went to public defender and he checked his computer but he said nothing come up in the computer. I have document that proves i been to court but no filing. But i have responsibility to call court every once a week according to clerk in the court
What should i do? And what will be the out come? Any legal advice?

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