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clothes-the main of fabric

clothes-the main of fabric

1, WoolenIt’s also known as wool . It‘s usually applies to the production of dress ,Suit, Coats and other formal, high-end clothing . The advantage is wrinkle resistant , soft, elegant and crisp , flexible , warm and strong . Its disadvantages are washing more difficult , is not applicable to the production of summer .2, LeatherIt’s made through the tanning of animalFurFabric .The leather can be divided into two categories : First, leather , leather processed through to the hair . Second, fur , that is treated skin, hair, leather . The advantage is that light warm , elegant and poised . Its disadvantage is that expensive , storage , care, higher, and it is not universal .3, Fiber It is used as raw materials made of polymer fiber textiles . It is generally divided into two major categories of artificial fibers and synthetic fibers . Their common advantage is colorful , soft, hanging straight, smoothCozy. Their disadvantage is that wear resistance , heat resistance, moisture absorption , ventilation is poor, easily deformed by heat , prone toStatic electricity. Although it can be used to make clothing, but the overall grade is not high, it was difficult something presentable and acceptable .4, BlendedIt’s natural fiberIn accordance with a certain proportion of chemical fiber , textile made of mixed fabric, used to make variousClothing. Its strengths , is not only absorbed the cotton , hemp, silk , wool and chemical fiber of their respective advantages , but also as far as possible to avoid the shortcomings of their own .2, LinenIt’s includs cannabis , linen, ramie , jute,Sisal、Abaca and other hemp fiber made of a fabric .It’s often used in casual wear , work wear, its production is also more commonSummer. Its advantage is high strength , moisture absorption , thermal conductivity , air permeability is very good . Its disadvantage is that wear not very comfortable, the appearance of rough , blunt .5 , SilkIt’s all kinds of textile raw materials made of silk fabric collectively . It can be used to produce all kinds of clothing , especially for women to make clothing . Its strength is thin , fit , soft , smooth , breathable, colorful , shiny , elegant , comfortable to wear . It is less prone to wrinkles

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