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Controversial Author Challenges Australian Drug Laws by Selling Marijuana Vaporizers Down Under

Controversial Author Challenges Australian Drug Laws by Selling Marijuana Vaporizers Down Under

Wade Agnew, the author of the sensational autobiography “Cheating the Hangman: True Confessions of a Heroin Trafficker” is an equal opportunity drug consumer. He believes that all drugs should be legal, and the current global obsession with prohibition is very detrimental to society.

“If the aim of the exercise is to stop people using illegal drugs, then the regime is completely counter-productive. Young people especially are by nature inquisitive, and in their teenage years are risk takers. Therefore if you present taking heroin or any illegal drug for that matter, as risky and anti-social, then a good percentage of them will be drawn to it like moths to a flame.”

Wade knows a great deal about consuming illegal drugs. He happily used heroin for twenty five years, and has smoked marijuana non stop for more than three decades.

“I’ve taken hallucinogenic “gold top” mushrooms till they came out my ears; I’ve used heroin, morphine, eaten opium, drank alcohol (my least favorite) snorted cocaine, used crystal-meth when it was called crank; but marijuana is my absolute favorite drug. So when I say that using a vaporizer is the BEST way of consuming it, I know what I’m talking about.”

Now back in Australia, Wade has turned his hand to selling marijuana vaporizers; euphemistically referred to as herbal vaporizers, under the “CHEATING THE HANGMAN” banner. Apparently herbal vaporizers are fine, but cannabis vaporizers beyond the pale.

The use of vaporizers globally for the consumption of marijuana; still illegal in Australia, is growing in popularity. There is also an increasing use of the devices in Australia, with a huge potential market among the cannabis consumers of the region, including New Zealand, S.E.Asia, Japan and India. “Cheating the Hangman” is ideally placed to service this expanding market. Offering the VapoHead marijuana vaporizer for AU$99 with free delivery, a free cannabis grinder, and local back up service, the company is on the brink of enormous success, and will surely give the competition a run for their money.

Having smoked marijuana for more than thirty five years, Wade has only recently started using herbal vaporizers to consume his marijuana, but instantly fell in love with the device.

“There’s no comparison between using a vaporizer and smoking joints or bongs, regarding the damage to your lungs; you can feel the difference, especially when you wake in the morning. No more tightness in the chest; no more coughing. They are brilliant; wish I’d discovered them decades ago, but of course they weren’t invented until the 1990’s. Love the Dutch and Canadians; we have a great deal to thank them for.”

Having to import his first vaporizer from Canada, and risk loosing it to Customs on the way, Wade’s capitalist streak quickly spotted the gap in the local market, with the VapoHead poised to fill it. You can check it out on his website;


I did a great deal of research before choosing the VapoHead to distribute. I found it to be the smallest, lightest and the best value Herbal Vaporizer of its kind on the market. Its compact size, light weight and shatter resistant glass make it convenient to carry, use and maintain. As well it comes in three great colours; Ocean Blue, Red Devil and Purple Jimi. The brushed ceramic bowl safely heats your mixture, is removable for cleaning, and the new diode light gently reminds you to unplug your unit after each use; a very good idea under the circumstances. The clear plastic mouthpiece is removable, with the design allowing the body to be detached easily from the base for cleaning; even dishwasher safe! The herbal vaporizer is designed to vaporize with the correct mixture of heat and air. Some vaporizers on the market are very beautifully crafted, but bigger isn’t better. The main operating principle is to reduce combustion. To do this you need to reduce temperature and oxygen by using a tight fitting, impact resistant, small dome jar. Each vaporizer is hand made and quality checked before sending, and guaranteed for a full 90 days from the shipping date against any defect whatsoever. As well as offering free delivery, the VapoHead Vaporizer comes with a free grinder, making it simple to “open” your marijuana. This ensures you get maximum efficiency and the best results.

Much of the controversy over the use of cannabis originates over possible long-term damage from harmful elements in the smoke. A Herbal Vaporizer releases the beneficial ingredients into your lungs without burning; no tars and other harmful carcinogens. Many imitations have appeared on the market since the first vaporizers arrived in 1994. None of them work as well as this original design. Remember that bigger is not always better. Large glass domes are inefficient. You lose many of the active ingredients of marijuana because they condense on the inside of the dome. The VapoHead cannabis vaporizer has a small dome and an airtight seal designed for maximum efficiency. The ceramic bowl allows for even heating unlike brass versions, holding an ample amount of your chosen smoke.

“If you are a serious dope smoker, and want to add years to your life, you need to get yourself a vaporizer” Wade says from his home in Brisbane, Australia.

“They are just bloody brilliant.”

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Wade Agnew is an Australian author who recently released an autobiography entitled;

?Cheating the Hangman: True Confessions of a Heroin Trafficker.? Wade happily consumed heroin for more than thirty years and successfully trafficked from the ?Golden Triangle? for over a decade. Website;


About the Author;


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