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Detecting female & male marijuana plants

Detecting female & male marijuana plants

Help For Marijuana growing. ( PLease read the comments before asking ) Detecting female / male plants Music L’autre endroit Just buy Biologic fertilizers or nutrients . You have special grow and flower fertilizers . If you put the light back to 12 hours the plant will go in flowering stage , so you can add the flower fertilizers to the water ( just do halve the dose it says on the bottle , just water them with normal water , than the next time with fertilizers , water , fertilezers. ( Just look at the plants leaves if they are nice and green , nobrown points or curled points ( meaning to much fertilizers or water) Let the dirt from 2 cm of the top get very dry , than water them ( and again after 10 minutes , best way , she will take it all up!!( 24c water) Do not cut any leaves cause they are the lungs of the plant. MAKE SURE TO GIVE ONLY CLEAR CLEAN WATER THE LAST 4 WEEKS OF FLOWERING , because otherwise your weed will taste like it 😛 If everything is done , just cut of the biggest leaves and cut it from the bottom and hang the whole plant from hur bottom in a totally dark room at 20-24cfor 3 -6 weeks with enough circulation of fresh air . Love and peace

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