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Digital Herbal Vaporizer Question. I thought Vaporizing was worth it.?

Digital Herbal Vaporizer Question. I thought Vaporizing was worth it.?

I have a double Ceramic Digital Vaporizer I bought from ebay for 50 bucks. I Noticed the “QC” Sticker on the bottom, meaning Quality Control. But this is far from Quality.

First off let me start by saying I researched the benefits of Vapors to smoke, Being that i have smoked Weed (that’s all I smoke) for a couple years now. Well just 8 months ago I got my first vaporizer, similar to the one i have now but with a knob instead of digital and only 1 ceramic heating element. I was very pleased with this one and quit smoking and only vaporizing when i tried it out.

6 months later I sold it to a friend for 35 bucks, so i could buy the double one. When i tried it out the first couple if times it was flawless. And I know you have to clean the glass bowls and change the screen ever so often If you wanted to keep the efficiency and taste quality topped up. Well when I cleaned my glass parts, I noticed the taste was still that gross, menthol tar taste compared to the smooth, Pure THC taste when you first try it.

Why this is I dont know, Most likely its the bowls themselves because they are kind of different than the bowls I used with my first vaporizer. I also noticed the bud not lasting as long than when using it new. I have always used the same cleaning method, take the glass part, remove the screen, shake in a small ziplock bag with 90%+ alcohol and some salt, or degreaser until its cleaned off and looks see-through new.

Another problem i have with this vaporizer is the 2nd ceramic heating element dosn’t even work! I have to shake the vaporizer madly or mess with the cord to even see it blink on. And theres no screws to open it to correct it…

I am somewhat dissapointed, right now the main problem Is the taste dosn’t go back to normal. Most of my friends and I still use it though as it still gets you very much high. the glass dosn’t even have much tar stuck on it and it tastes like it does.

Anyone who can take the time to read this and help gets the 10 points… I dont mind investing in a different vaporizer most friends tell me to get the silver surfer for its water element but its not really in my price range… Thanks
thanks but those are way to pricey and they whips are like triple the price than on ebay… Thanks for helping though, I found the problem with the taste, i was grinding my bud way to much…

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