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Do those who glorify the Confederacy also advocate for slavery and telling others what to do too?

Do those who glorify the Confederacy also advocate for slavery and telling others what to do too?

Ultimately, the Confederacy never would have materialized if states formed beyond Kansas-Nebraska Act passage didn’t have the option to vote slave/free themselves. (Burning KS, etc.)

And so does that explain why die-hard supporters of the Confederacy are also opposed to free choice for others in other states? i.e. abortion, legalized marijuana, assisted suicide, etc.

I have never befriended someone who glorified the Confederacy, I just know the positions routinely voiced. So I really don’t understand the mindset and hope someone can help me.
I must have missed where the question is “race baiting.” Is talking about slavery race baiting?
Hillbilly – I totally see your point about how paying taxes is like slavery. Oh wait, no I don’t. 16 hour days with beatings, rags to wear, and gruel to eat while being legally owned by someone else… that does sound really close to increase marginal tax rate to control federal deficits. Synonyms almost.
Mayflower – I hate come to a knife fight with a gun, a couple years of American history and Constitutional Law makes me giggle at your comments. I’ll help…
KS/NE Act allowed states rights and contradicted the MO Compromise. States could now vote on rather they wanted to be slave or free, which much like concerns today, would tip the balance in the Senate pass a certain threshold. The South, who wanted to own people for cheap labor, and the north who believed in rights and reasonable wages. You still see that fight today. You’re caught in one of those “Republicans are fiscally conservative” myths.
But don’t feel bad, there is still time.
Knight2King3 – Well, that is actually a valid point. The first serious conflict between the North and South was the protectionist tariff pushed through Congress that increased the cost of imports so Americas manufacturing base wouldn’t collapse. The South wanted cheaper stuff from overseas and got really p*ssed that the playing field was leveled. Amazing how we see the same thing playing out today. A largely WalMart loving, free trade South with such a shallow tax base that in general they suck more from the federal tit than they contribute.
I’ll give you the important point, a tax law passed almost 40 years before the Civil War led to the conflict if you’ll acknowledge that our support for the counterinsurgency against the Russians in Afghanistan led to 9/11 20 years later. Agreed?

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