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do you feel the same way about marijuana?

do you feel the same way about marijuana?

im getting sick of people telling me no weed shouldnt be legal its soo bad for you,yet those same poeple pop pills and drink.this one girl was so skeptical about weed (republican) that instead of getting high off weed she poped like 7 or 8 asprins or something to get high and she od and was taken to the hospital and mental institution and she wasnt like crazy or anything.when will people wake up and stop being brainwashed by the government.what makes me even more mad when they try to hide there lies about weed and say its not legal due to health issues.are you serious.but yet stupid people fall for stupid tactics.when will people wise up.i live in missouri(kansas city) and in kansas its this thing called k2 artificial thc and there trying to make this illegal.but not trying to make alcohol illegal.if the government realy cared then alcohol wouldnt be legal.do you know how many babies and kids have dies due to drunk driving.how many people have dies do to over drinking.but yet you cant od on weed.WISE UP PEOPLE

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