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Do you think most people would agree that if California legalizes marijuana, the Feds should let them do it?

Do you think most people would agree that if California legalizes marijuana, the Feds should let them do it?

Regardless of your political affiliation. Do you think if the voters of California decide to legalize, regulate and tax the sale of marijuana they should be able to do this without the threat of the Federal Government continuing to go after California residents for this activity? (Considering the tax payers of California, not the federal government, are the ones dealing with the states budget crises, prison overcrowding etc.)

Also, why do you think alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment (and another amendment to repeal it) yet marijuana prohibition seems to be dictated by the federal government on a whim? (They currently ignore medical marijuana laws, which also contradict federal law, yet they claim they will “vigorously enforce” the federal ban on marijuana if this new law if it passes)


SAN FRANCISCO – Attorney General Eric Holder is warning that the federal government will not look the other way, as it has with medical marijuana, if voters next month make California the first state to legalize pot.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law, which drug agents will “vigorously enforce” against anyone carrying, growing or selling it, Holder said.

The comments in a letter to ex-federal drug enforcement chiefs were the attorney general’s most direct statement yet against Proposition 19 and set up another showdown with California over marijuana if the measure passes.
Also, check out the comments to this story.
There have been over 4000 comments over a 12 hour period and the most popular ones (with overwhelming majorities) appear to support California’s right to legalize, regulate and tax pot with a popular vote.
lin paul grass………..Then why go through all the trouble of getting a 2/3 majority in Congress?
Uncle Benito……..”If you want the feds to use the Commerce Clause to further causes you like,”

“Causes” like what? I certainly hope you don’t think I’m a fan of Obama’s new healthcare bill. And generally speaking, the “commerce clause” has been heavily abused over the past few decades.
touche…………”You were FOR the Federal Government going after Arizona when they passed their own law regarding Illegals….

NOW you are against the Federal Government getting involoved in states affairs?”

You seem to be assuming things like Benito. I actually DID NOT support the Federal Govt. suing Arizona. But it’s OK, this is a nice demonstration of why political debate in the U.S. is on a 4th grade level. People ASSUME there are only two “teams”.
lin paul…………”Laws are NOT made by 4,000 comments on the internet.”

lol……….Yes, that’s true. But Y! tends to tilt conservative in it’s article responses. So the fact so many people responded the way they did was slightly surprising (in a good way).

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