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Don’t even think of growing Medical Marijuana on Federal Land!

Don’t even think of growing Medical Marijuana on Federal Land!

Don’t even think of growing Medical Marijuana on Federal Land!

There are millions of acres available on Federal land for hiking, fishing, camping, and just grooving on Nature. In the past, many individuals saw the free land as an opportunity to cultivate Marijuana, avoiding the risk of arrest for growing on their own land. Soon, a plant here or there, became an acre or more worth millions of dollars in high grade weed. Now, an average medicinal toker, may look to the woods for some herbal relief, don’t!

The woods, forests, hills, and mountains are for the clandestine criminal element, just as in Prohibition days of the Rum Runners. The movie, “Homegrown” pointed out elements of these operations, and in reality, the growing of pot on Federal land is illegal, unsafe, and eco-unfriendly. Once Marijuana is legitimized, perhaps as in Prohibition days, the Federal land thing will subside- until then; one should avoid the Redwoods for several reasons.

First, the farming element in the woods is of a criminal nature. These individuals, many linked to organized drug cartels, are using shotgun trip-wire, booby traps, automatic assault weapons, lions, and anything else to protect their investments. One Northern  Cali inmate on a forest-fire response team states, “the fires aren’t anything compared to the hazards surrounding the crops of these pot farmers on Federal land.” Many innocent hikers have come face to face with an Eagle .50 caliber pistol in their faces, just for venturing too close to the buds.

Secondly, the eco-system of the rural environment is very fragile. There isn’t much that we can do, once an imbalance has been created by our ignorance. Herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are being imported into the woods at alarming rates, ruining many eco-systems and threatening wild life as well. Bambi cannot sip from water tainted with concentrations of fertilizer, and live happily ever after. Many streams are dammed, or diverted to illegal crops for a water source. Down stream salmon can only wonder why spawning has become so stressful, and people expect unadulterated H-2-0 also.

Finally, growing Medical Marijuana away from your land, or “guerilla farming”, is not for the faint of heart. An indoor garden, greenhouse, or inter-cropped back yard, will provide all of the Medical Marijuana your little heart desires – or whatever your State limit on plants is. You do not want to contribute to the destruction of America’s natural resources while growing American, plus you’ll eliminate the paranoia of your crop being “out there” for grabs.


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