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Draconian Dubai Or Spontaneous Spain?

Draconian Dubai Or Spontaneous Spain?

With millions of Britons ignorant holiday in Dubai every year, many have no idea of the strict and stringent laws that they are surrounded by, and remain, while in Dubai. With Dubai’s strict laws are strict, hard Strafen.Die Emirates strict penal code does not take lightly and violation of their laws and come to offenders like a ton of bricks. They demand respect from their own people and of those, or visit bleiben.Wenn So you dare brave Dubai’s conservative approach, here are some points you may want to consider, if a drug of any kind, whether it is a one-off or your friends for a regular event to go with extreme caution when traveling to Dubai was. A British tourist, Keith Brown was sentenced to four years in prison after Dubai customs officers found 0th 003g cannabis stuck to follow in his shoe. Even substances in the urine or may be considered to be in possession of such drug in the bloodstream. So if you have just enjoyed a weekend in Amsterdam, you probably should delay your visit for a few Monate.Der possession of painkillers such as colds and flu medicines, and codeine may result in a standard four-year prison sentence. An unfortunate visitor was jailed after poppy seeds were found on his clothing after eating a sandwich at the airport. Last year, a massive 59 Britons in the United Arab Emirates on drugs charges and sentenced to prison verhaftet.Anzeigen several public demonstrations of affection is a definite no, no, the last incident occurred when, in a British couple to one month prison after he discovered and reported condemns Kisses on the lips in a restaurant. The couple has since an appeal against the decision and wait for their resumption of Verfahrens.Wenn you think the punishment for kissing is bad, do not even think about sharing a bit of al fresco action! Briton Michelle Palmer, 30, faces up to six years in prison after she allegedly caught having sex on one of the famous beaches of Dubai.Also …. If all this sounds a bit too risky for you, and enjoy a do-what-you-want, when-you-want kind of holiday, then somewhere laid-back, go somewhere where we are British for accepted who and what we are. Visit Spain, where the sun shines bright, the sea is sparkling, and the locals are friendly. Harmoniously in a well without any threat of being blocked for a cheeky smooth, Cheap holiday on the Costa Blanca. Here the British, the castle is usually the promenade, loaded with bars and restaurants, and alcohol is like water from a faucet. They would commit a serious crime, do the time here.

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