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Drinking and Marijuana: Where Can They Lead?

Drinking and Marijuana: Where Can They Lead?

John from Virginia asked, “What’s the big deal about drinking and smoking some weed.”
Drinking and Marijuana: Where Can they Lead?
“I had a bad day and just want to relax… I just want to fit in… No one loves me… I’m ugly and don’t want to feel anymore… I don’t care whether I live or die…” There are many reasons people turn to alcohol and drugs.
Most people start out drinking or doing drugs occasionally; they don’t set out to get addicted. No one really knows who will become addicted and why? Genetic make-up, psychological and environmental factors, some develop an addiction immediately and others it takes time.
Most people don’t realize that alcohol is a drug. In fact, it is a depressant and the most commonly used drug in the entire world. At first, it initiates a ‘happy’ feeling and relieves anxiety. Then it causes blurred vision, slurred speech, loss in motor function and at higher levels — poisoning and death.
According to studies, individuals who drink before the age of 17 are three times more likely to develop an addiction than those who starts drinking at the legal age of 21. If we examine the addiction rates of pre-teen drinkers, the numbers increase dramatically.
Marijuana, pot, weed, blunts, joints, one-hitters — this drug contains THC and is dangerous to the body because it acts like a stimulant and depressant, increasing the heart rate, lowering body temperature, interfering with muscle function and reaction time.
Don’t let the hype that marijuana is not a big deal fool you. Pot smokers have a higher rate of drop-out rates in school, depression and schizophrenia. More young people are in treatment facilities for marijuana dependency than all other illegal drugs combined.
Since both are depressants, the combination of alcohol and marijuana doubles the affects on the body. More importantly, Marijuana suppresses nausea, and one of the body’s primary mechanisms for alcohol poisoning is vomiting. With the presence of these two drugs, the stomach may not release the excess before it enters the blood stream.
When Alcohol and Marijuana are frequently used, you are likely to…
* Put yourself in dangerous situations and unhealthy relationships.
* Be sexually promiscuous and irresponsible.
* Develop an increased tolerance and need more frequent and larger dosages.
* Do other drugs — cocaine, prescription drugs, crystal meth, crack, heroin…
* Get arrested — perhaps serve jail time.
* Develop serious health problems — digestive, heart, lungs, neurological…
If addiction develops, the age a person starts drinking or doing drugs is where they stop maturing mentally.
“Well, that explains everything,” the unknown drunk laughed. “I started drinking and smoking before I started middle school.”
Drugs affect your body, brain, judgment — your self-control. Using them can harm or kill you and others around you. With those with an addictive personality, like the Unknown Drunk, one drink can quickly lead to two then four, ten, amphetamines, mescaline and cocaine.
“I should be dead,” the Unknown Drunk continued. “My brain’s mush, immune system’s shot… It makes me sick that I could have really hurt someone… I’m sorry, Susan… what was the question?”

Susan DeAngelis is a teacher, author and considered an expert in the field of addiction and other important family issues. She has teamed up with The Unknown Drunk to promote awareness to these pressing issues. Visit her website at http://www.thatslifeadvice.com

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