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drug test policy sample

drug test policy sample

tipscategories.com drug test policy sample The need for drug tests can be well explained by the rising of people who are using drugs today. Various drugs have been used and abused by people of different ages and sexes. One of the most commonly abused drugs is marijuana. This drug has topped the list of all abused drugs and its users command a mammoth 6% of the world’s population. Other drugs like cocaine and opium are also close behind. hair drug test informationBut the scariest thing about the whole affair here is not the large of drug users but how sometimes the people we never suspect to be using drugs are the one who turn out to be abusing drugs. These people could turn out to be your loved ones like your spouses or children. If you are an employer, you may be a victim of this if your workers have such kind of habits. This trend can be controlled though, and the easy way to do this is to take drug tests depending on what you feel is the drug abused. failed drug test unemployment There are many drugs tests available today. The major ones include urine tests, saliva tests and hair tests. In the yester years, drug testing was only left to the federal agencies but nowadays anyone can test for drugs with many and specialized testing kits available. For those who are getting employed, it is becoming mandatory to have them tested since no company would like to employ people who use drugs. Here, general drug tests can be carried out. But in case you suspect that you child is

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