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Drugs and Alcohol Abuse among Students of College

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse among Students of College

Drugs and alcohol are very important problems of young people in college. Having tried “adult” life, teenagers want more and more. They begin to commit anti-law actions which lead them to no good.

            Drug Abuse.

            A lot of students think that weed does no harm. Well, yes, it’s really cool to smoke it with your friends. You feel relaxed and every one in your company laughs. You feel inspiration inside you and a lot of energy eager to be poured out. These are really great feelings. But is everything as good as it seems? Well, no! All these fakeness and unreality that weed gives to you, also harm you. You won’t notice at first. But when you will really get stuck with light drugs, you will see. You will be unscrewed, but you will think the simplest questions over for very very long time. Is that what you want to? And when weed stops juicing you, you will be eager to try stringer drugs and you will get into the endless circle of fake drug happiness and severe reality without them.

            Alcohol Abuse.

            Alcohol is also a very important problem of college youth. Living in campus many young people go to parties where they get drunk. Well, yes, really, when you drink you feel easiness in all your body, you are happy and you fell no shame. You can drink a bit and then ask for a dance a girl who seemed to you an inaccessible princess. You feel relaxed and happy. And you drink more and more and more. But at the morning you have terrible headache, you feel thirsty and you want to drink as much water as you can. And that terrible taste in your mouth reminds cats’ poops. Disgusting, really? Even if you clean your teeth you won’t get rid of this terrible taste in your mouth and smell from it. And headache is not passing away so easy. Of course, you may drink dome pickle-water, but that won’t help.

            Drugs and alcohol are not your friends. Avoid them!

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