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Drugs, are they really bad?

Drugs, are they really bad?

Okay, whilIe have been growing up (I am 15 now) my parents have always told me that drugs are bad and can lead you into an evil trap and you can end up highly addicted/dependent and really screw your life up. Some drugs like marijuana and trippy drugs aren’t all that bad but still drugs. I think my mother and father smoked some of the bush years back and they drink a bit. I would lying if I said I wasn’t interested in trying drugs, ever.

One of my friends dad uses drugs still, he is about 40-50 and very open about it, I think it’s Cocaine or Speed he uses but he says drugs aren’t really that bad, unless you are injecting them or stealing to support your habit. He’s a great man – super funny, tells the best stories but it feels awkward as he says things like “when you lads are 18 and old enough, if ever wanna go down the pub for a few lines – lemmie know”. I don’t think he is a dealer or maybe he is but my friend lost his mum a few years ago and it was very sad what happened to her she was really amazing but he seems to be using half a pharmacy of drugs to patch it up.

My mate isn’t interested in them much either, also people talk about him as he acts sort of dopey (like falling asleep, world of his own) when he comes to the school, even worse he drives. He is very interesting too, as a guy – he knows alot of general stuff, he helped fix up my bike and he knows alot about cars, he loves his son soo much but he’s into heavy drugs, he aint violent ever or anything, I must add.

Bit strange, eh? What do you guys think of drugs and were do you draw the line?

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