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Eric Holder said he’ll use federal law to override California’s Marijuana law if it passes. How do Cons feel?

Eric Holder said he’ll use federal law to override California’s Marijuana law if it passes. How do Cons feel?

I ask how Cons feel because it’s a precarious situation.

Proposition 19, which would make it legal for people 21 and older to carry marijuana as long as it weighs no more than 1 ounce – this is a “Liberal” law that is mostly supported by Liberals. Eric Holder would be clamping down on a Liberal law.

At the same time, it’s an act of the Federal government practicing “big government” by meddling with a State issue.

So how do Conservatives feel about it? Are they glad that a Liberal law could be extinguished? Or are they mad that the Federal government would be impeding on States’ rights?
Lttlehrse: Con, what “Black Panthers” are you talking about?

Is it that non-issue Fox made up from the 2008 Elections? Where there were a couple Black Panthers standing security outside of a polling both – one polling booth in in area? Yet tried to make it seem like A.) That they were “threatening” people, and B.), that this was some kind of national epidemic. It was a non-issue that no reasonable person cares about.
Blu: If you were pro-American, you wouldn’t be for any US State going downhill and becoming a “cesspool”. But apparently you aren’t pro-American.

Secondly, you fail to see the purpose of this law. Millions of dollars are spent each year prosecuting people for having even a few flakes of Marijuana. Decriminalization would save money, give relief to jail/prison overcrowding, free up the court system, and take away power from street drug dealers through legal means of purchasing.

But since you’re uneducated about it, you think it has no benefits and that it will simply turn California in to a “cesspool”. Oh, you mean like the Netherlands where marijuana is legal, and yet their crime rate is far lower than the US’s and they have one of the smallest prison populations in Europe per capita?
Lttlehrse: Yes, Con, I’m aware of them. There was no proof whatsoever that they “threatened” anyone. I do know Black Panthers sometimes stand “security”. Whether you consider it intimidating or not is subjective. But I saw no evidence that they “threatened” anyone. The tape only showed them standing outside a polling place. How is that illegal?

It was a non-issue that only Fox News was concerned about. That happened 2 years ago. Are you scraping the bottom of the barrel? No one else cares about that.

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