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Five Most Commonly Used Illegal Steroids by High School Students in the U.S

Five Most Commonly Used Illegal Steroids by High School Students in the U.S

While the ’70s saw high school students getting high on LSD and marijuana, the past decades have seen a different type of drug abuse among teenagers in the United States. Now, statistics show that teen use of illegal substances is not just concentrated on recreational drugs. Because of the rising pressure to fit in with the cool crowd and to do well in school both academically and athletically, more and more high school students are starting to take illegal steroids as often as protein shakes or power drinks.In medical lingo, these so-called “Arnolds, “gym candy,” “pumpers” or “Roids” are known as anabolic steroids. They are actually synthetic male hormones (testosterone) that is believed to help build muscle tissue, reduce recovery time between workouts and enhance overall athletic performance. But the dangers and side effects of these illegal steroids far outweigh the purported advantages. Keep your child safe from anabolic steroids by familiarizing yourself with the most common brands that high school students have been using in the U.S.1. Deca-Durabolin. Commonly known as “Deca,” this synthetic steroid is sold in liquid form, which is injected into an individual. It has been used to treat diseases like HIV and AIDS, and is often used in conjunction with other steroids, such as Tren. Deca is said to improve collagen synthesis and bone mineral content, which results in faster recovery and healing time for athletes. Most athletes use Deca during the “cutting” and “bulking” cycles, because it can supposedly increase weight and mass.2. Equipoise. Another common steroid for teen use is Equipoise, which is manufactured primarily for horses. Athletes, however, have found out that this illegal steroid can help them gain mass and strength. Most of the time, Equipoise is used before contests and competitions, but some athletes choose to inject themselves with this steroid every other day.3. Winstrol-Stanozol. Often called Winstrol or Winny, this is one of the many anabolic steroids abused by high school students. Winstrol can be taken orally or it can be injected into the individual. It is said that taking Winnies regularly can help make muscles harder and more defined, prompting athletes to take this steroid during their “cutting” cycle. It is also believed to be effective in promoting strength.4. Androstenedione. Also called Andro, this steroid has enjoyed substantial teen use. It is tagged to be the most potent among available anabolic steroids in the market today. Andro is a direct precursor to testosterone. This means that when taken orally, this powerful steroid can increase lean muscle mass and strength significantly. It also believed that Andro could boost libido in both males and females.5. Oxandrin. This anabolic steroid is taken orally and is commonly used for weight gain. Because of its properties, it is usually prescribed to those who have experienced massive weight loss because of illnesses, severe trauma or surgery. However, it has emerged as one of the more popular illegal steroids because it can also help in building mass.The battle against drug abuse seems to have taken a sharp, right turn. Instead of seeing scrawny, thin teenagers smoking pot or popping Acid, we see bulked-up, seemingly healthy athletes injecting ‘Roids or popping “gym candy.” Help combat the use of illegal steroids by learning more information on them and keeping your family a happy and healthy one.

This Article is written by Lena Butler, the author of Health Testing & Drug Testing Guides, Reviews, Information & Facts

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