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Four Shameful Signs a Psychic is a Fraud – You Should Not Miss These Signs

Four Shameful Signs a Psychic is a Fraud – You Should Not Miss These Signs

How can I tell if a psychic reading is going to be bad? Do “fake” psychics give off signs? And if they do….what should I be looking out for to make sure I don’t get duped, disappointed or scammed? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like many of those who enjoy our articles, they probably do!

One of the biggest fears that many of us have (even including people like myself who have been getting read for years) is that we will fall “prey” to a fake psychic ad, offer or promotion. So if you’re curious about how to AVOID fake psychic readings 9 out 10 times, this article was written with YOU in mind. Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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– Curses, Spells & Black Magic: Any of these on the psychic reading “menu?” Been told you’ve been cursed…..or can pay to cast a spell? Not good. These are NOT the sort of services most legitimate psychic services will offer, and if they are part and parcel of the promise being made BEFORE you pay for your reading….it’s a good time to run (not walk..:-) in the opposite direction

– Too MUCH Personal Information is NEVER a Good Thing: And that doesn’t just mean during the reading itself. If the reader asks you for personal stuff you feel is inappropriate (i.e. – of a financial or legal nature….SSN, bank account or credit information) you have probably got a grifter on your hands. While this is a RARE occurrence, it does happen occasionally online, where these types tend to loiter in forums and offer their services to the unsuspecting amongst us.

– Say YES to “yes or no”: Because while some conversation is always a good thing to establish rapport, lots of leading, or potentially cold reading types of questions can poison the information that comes from a reading very quickly. The rule? Less is more when it comes to your responses….and if you are truly serious about getting a real reading, the less you say, the more ACCURATE a good psychic, clairvoyant, medium or intuitive will get as the reading continues. (conversely….a FAKE psychic will NEED lots of leading or general questions to give you anything that even resembles your own life or personal circumstance)

– An Uncomfortable Insistence: Want the truth? Even the best psychics make mistakes…or interpret some things incorrectly. If the psychic INSISTS he or she is right…even above your own declaration that it’s off base, you may have a very stubborn, very difficult and very BAD psychic on your hands..:-) I’ve had this happen, and ironically….it was many years ago, with a famous “celebrity” style psychic who was not only completely WRONG about my marital status, they INSISTED I wasn’t being truthful!

(even though I was only in my early 20’s a LONG way from being married with children..:-)

If a reading harps on, or stays on a point that doesn’t resonate with you, and he or she won’t let it go…..it’s a good time to get up and leave, or hang up the phone.

The Bottom Line?

There are many good psychics out there…and finding one that can give you an accurate, authentic and true reading is one of the BEST experiences you can have. But there are plenty of fakes, frauds and simply BAD readers out there as well. (unfortunately far more than the good ones) The 4 signs above are a great way to weed out the wackiness, and know when to cut and run….BEFORE you get in over your head!

Warning! Don’t get scammed by another “fake” Psychic EVER Again!

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