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Friday The 13th (Blu-ray) 2009 – A Killer crawls all-around

Friday The 13th (Blu-ray) 2009 – A Killer crawls all-around

Friday the 13th is a 2009 American horror film directed by Marcus Nispel. The story is all about a young guy — Jason, who sees his mother beheaded by a camp Counselor in Crystal Lake camp. After some years, Jason turns into a merciless Killer showing his terror act over the vacationing friends.

As the story moves, Jason’s first terror act falls over a group of vacationing friends — Wade, Richie, Mike , Whitney and Amanda who all arrives at Crystal Lake to find some marijuana in the woods. As Mike and Whitney explore the abandoned Crystal Lake camp, Jason begins to kill the rest of the group one-by-one. Jason also kills Mike, but instead of doing the same to Whitney he decides to kidnap her since she resembles his mother at a young age.

After some couple of weeks, another group of friends — Trent, along with his girlfriend Jenna, and their friends Bree, Chewie, Chelsea, Nolan and Lawrence arrive over here, unaware of the events that occurred a few weeks prior. They are joined by Mr. Clay, who has gone there in search of his sister, Whitney. Jenna agrees to help him look for his sister on the other side of the lake. As Clay and Jenna search for clues to Whitney’s disappearance, Jason kills Nolan and Chelsea out on the lake. Clay and Jenna reach the old Crystal Lake campgrounds, where they witness Jason hauling a dead body into one of the abandoned camp houses.

Clay and Jenna run back to warn the others about Jason, who arrives shortly after them and cuts the power to the cabin. After killing Chewie and Lawrence, who dared outside the house, Jason enters inside the cabin and kills Bree. Trent, Clay and Jenna escape the house, but Trent is killed soon after when he reaches the main road. Jason then chases Clay and Jenna back to the campgrounds where Clay discovers Jason’s hide-out and finds his sister, Whitney chained to the wall. Clay frees Whitney and all three attempts to escape, but Jason arrives.

As the story moves to the climax, did the visitors make their way out of the Deadly ground? Or Jason succeeds in killing them all?

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