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friend who Held up a store, on probation who is in trouble? (sorry for length)?

friend who Held up a store, on probation who is in trouble? (sorry for length)?

my friend stupidly held up a grocery store with an airsoft gun when he was 16. He is a good friend, but was adopted by an American family when he was 11, and before that was an orphan in russia. So i think the transition and everything has affected him badly and made him this way. Anyway, he is now on probation until he is 21, and if he doesnt get into any trouble before then, it gets removed from his record, but any little slip up and he gets an automatic 2yrs in jail…..He is 20 right now, and just got fired from his job for being late. He didnt tell his PO right away, and he says his PO wants to take him to court for lying. Then, my friend just moved back to his parents house, and got a job as a nighttime manager at a pharmacy. He took a drug test for the job, 9 days after smoking marijuana for the first time. Stupid decision, I know, but it happened. He forgot about it until right after the drug test, then told his parents who said he could either stay with them and tell hte PO, or not tell the PO and get kicked out… He decdied to think about it, but his parents called the PO anyway, and kicked him out. Now he feels like, even if those tests come back negative, his PO will DEFINITELY take him to court now, and he’ll get 2 years in jail…. He is living on the streets for 2 days now, and talking about trying to just live the street life, and stuff like that. He thinks that he is not going to talk to his PO now, and just leave town. He feels like he has been doing so well for 4 years, and is so close to 21, that even when he tries to tell the truth and come clean about things, he is getting hte worst deals. If the drug tests come back negative, can the PO still take him to court and easily put that 2 year sentence on him? Is that the most likely course of action the PO would take? Im trying to convince him to not live in the city streets, not just because of the life, but because i know that will lead him back to crime. It is pretty hard to convince somebody who is as street smart as him to come back, especially when I can’t see any other way for thsi to end up, besides the 2 year sentence… Any insight on this? topic, or what the PO might likely be motivated to do in this situation? (The PO does not know he has left yet, and he is still in the city for now) Its only been a day or two.

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