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Full 911 recording – Guy calls 911 about pot

Full 911 recording – Guy calls 911 about pot

www.FAILocracy.com Dispatcher 911, What’s the location of your emergency? Caller: Well, let’s not get into that yet. I have a question. Dispatcher: Is this an emergency sir? Caller: Depends…um, not really. Dispatcher: If it’s not an emergency, you don’t call 911 sir. Caller: I have a legal question. Dispatcher: Well, it’s not…is this an emergency? Caller: I don’t know what that means. Dispatcher: Is it life-threatening, or an active crime in progress? Caller: Crime in progress, possibly. Dispatcher: What’s going on? Caller: I was just growing some marijuana. I was just wondering what the, how much, you know, trouble you get into for one plant. Dispatcher: You’re growing marijuana and you want to know how…depends on how big the plant is. Caller: It’s only a seedling. Dispatcher: Well, it’s possession. Caller: Okay. Dispatcher: You can get pinched for a roach in a car. Caller: Okay. (pause) Alright, thanks for the info. Dispatcher: You’re welcome. Caller: Goodbye.

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