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Growing Potted Plants That Sell

Growing Potted Plants That Sell


There is a market for potted plants if you you’re going to engage in this lucrative business whether as full-time or just merely a sideline. 

What is only important is your passion to do the dirty work of gardening. Like any other business, however, you have to produce plants that are in demand. Plants that are high ticket in price, and high quality, that is they are disease-free, robust, and are of the right size. 

In this scenario, you have to be observant. You have to look around. Visit some plant nurseries, plant shops or you can ask homeowners what type of plants they need. 

You can also inquire from landscapers what plants they are looking for in big numbers. Or else, you can attend some garden shows to find out which plants are hot sellers. 

You’ll noticed that potted plants are used for various purposes. Some are used indoors in the home, in business offices, hotels, restaurants, or walkways in residential homes. 

Potted plants are also used for planting in the garden, along highways, parks, subdivisions and they like. 

Producing your priced potted plants will depend on your efficient way of producing them and by propagating your own plants fast and at a low cost. 

Selling potted plants is easy if you know where to find your target market. You can only make money if you can sell what you produce for profit.

Where to locate your target market?

At the very beginning of your potted plant business, you should know who are your clients. Buyers of your potted plans are; individual end-users, plant shop owners, traders, landscapers, nursery operators, business establishments (especially mall owners), and others. 

Your buyers may come from your barangay, your town, province, the entire country, and abroad. 

These are just some ideas you can sell the plants you grow. There could be other ways. Just let your imagination wander and your eyes open for some money making opportunities on potted plants. 

Cris Ramasasa, Freelance writer, writes about home gardening and Internet marketing tips. You can get a copy of his latest ebook “How to get started in Flower Gardening” and “Vegetable Gardening Made Easy”,  also get lots of tips, Free articles, and bonuses  at: www.crisramasasa.com


Cris Ramasasa is a retired Horticulture teacher for 29 years and Freelance writer. Writes home gardening tips and resources. Written ebooks titled: How To Get Started In Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening Made Easy.

Soon to put up his website; www. how-to-get-started-in flower-gardening.com

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