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Happy Shaman Herbs Review. Product Review by Mr420Dubstep/A11785

Happy Shaman Herbs Review. Product Review by Mr420Dubstep/A11785

If anyone wants us to test something send us a message, or if you have something for us to test pm me and ill send you a message of where to send your sample product, were open to try most anything, so send in those requests We do a bunch of different testing of various things in headshops from Diffuser Marbles, to hemp wicks to even smokeables such as K2 or Happy Shaman Herbs This is my Review Of Happy Shamans Herbal Incense, Fruit Berry Enlightenment Overall i like the product, theres room for it to be improved upon, and also a way to make it all better is for just Marijuana to be legal world wide, but if your in a tight spot i say get some K2 or whatever the brand is u can get and least give it to ol’ college try, if you like it nice if not there always something better then it and thats pure Mj Pros: No BURNOUT Smells Great Doesn’t show up on Drug Tests Smokes great or Vaporises 1-2 Hits Gets you “Baked” Weighed out right You Have control of the high unlike salvia Weird taste but clean and in a good way Cons: High doesn’t last long Can Become Habit forming or Addictive with excessive use Looks like Hambster cage shavings Gave me headaches and rapid heart rate after my first hit/high was done Can Lead to Paranoia The package states clearly on it NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION 😛 I have to give its a B+ cause its nice convenient and affordable but doesn’t beat the real thing. Mr420Dubstep with my first product review, tell me whatcha think

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