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Has anyone ever heard of Master Control head collar for dogs by brand Karlie?

Has anyone ever heard of Master Control head collar for dogs by brand Karlie?

I have recently purchased this brand of head collar in switzerland but can not seem to find any reviews for it online. It is basically the exact same design as the Halti brand collars but i would like to hear personal experiences with them if possible.

I have bought this in attempt to prevent my dog from strangling herself. And its not that i haven`t tried to train her i live on an island and expert advice/ classes are not available. She is a very loving and well behaved dog but when she gets on the lead, she has sooooooo much energy and gets all jittery. She loves to run but i would so prefer if she would stop choking herself and walk slowly.

In the shop i bought this head collar i also saw the halti but bought this without being informed. I am currently in Europe and will not be able to test it on my dog until end of august. The master control head collar looks sturdy but i am afraid that there is not enough padding on the snout part and it will hurt my dog. Does anyone know if the halti is better than this brand so i can purchase it before i return home….

I appreciate any responses and i have tried to train her i still do try I just believe this will put me in a better possition to help her learn properly. I am not looking for a quick fix but merely a simplifier which will make it easier and more effective…..

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