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Has anyone noticed that if you try to become vegetarian you start hating the world?

Has anyone noticed that if you try to become vegetarian you start hating the world?

I know I’ve tried and I’ve noticed you start to form a hatred against society in general for their enviromental destruction, murdering of hundreds of billions of non-human animals, tormenting people who do not fit in with their diet, and you start believing anybody who is not a vegetarian is a heartless, cruel person, no matter what they have done to the world. That’s personally why I stopped being vegan because I started to notice that the diet is not about love and peace like the advocates say, it’s about hatred to society for their means of living. I would much rather eat non-human animals than have to deal with that feeling which comes by everyday, and goes up to practically intolerable levels at Thanksgiving, barbecues, family get to gathers. I notice that it’s always is a big deal to find something that I can eat, yet if you eat the dead corpse of animal it’s easy to find something for you to eat. If you support love between all beings you are a freak of nature, yet if you support the mass destruction of the enviroment and slaughter of billions of beings that are equal to us, in fact probably greater than. Yes, it is hard living in society such as this, and it the feeling that drives me to not be vegan, however I was trying to trick you in the beginning of this, the feeling is nothing, simply the same peer pressure that makes most high school teens smoke marijuana and tobacco and drink alcohol simply because of the artificial ego of being “cool.” It’s all peer pressure forced by society and anybody trying to be vegan or vegetarian do not give in, and be peaceful and ignore it, meditate for them, turn the other cheek for they will never be the superior beings. Now that is my rant, and here is the true questions, what do you think of it?

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