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help with my jade plant + question about insects in pot?

help with my jade plant + question about insects in pot?

I’m not really sure if it IS called a jade plant because the seller didn’t tell me the name properly, i think it had a letter p or b, and i did some reaserch online and saw an image of it, and it said it was called a jade plant.. and i was wondering, if it is a jade plant because mine has thinner stems, and its not that large, some stems are kinda dangling, though the leaves are exaclty the same : fleshy, waxy, shiny, light/dark green, and it doen’t have any flowers…. the stems are brown at the bottom, and then they suddenly apear green at the top, IT IS NOT velvety… so is this a jade plant?
and the OTHER QUESTION is:
in my pot, the one the (jade ) plant is in, there are little tiny snails or slugs, because this plant i got was from a green house ( plants) it also had another insect, kinda like a woolouse, brown, cylinder shaped, v.short, and it had lots of legs, but bear in mind it was small, now, should i get rid of those? because i don’t want them to reproduce and take over the house lol, do u think i should put the plant in my room?

REALLY sorry about the long question, but it would be gr8 if u answered me : )
sorry, its * wood louse 😛

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