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Hemp Fabric Green Theme

Hemp Fabric Green Theme

Hunan Huasheng Group 4 of this build up companies, to eight standard booths unified display booth in a linen one bright spot. Hunan Huasheng Group Vice President, Hunan Huasheng Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd., said Chairman Liu Shaobo, this group exhibition products ramie, linen and blended products.Shaobo said that before the company fabric based, with the constant development, the company also extend to the downstream industry chain, this year in planning the establishment of hemp clothing factory, involving costume design and production. He said that now the company’s products or export oriented, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, market conditions in the second half of last year’s upward trend, but the product’s price is still hovering at low levels, resulting in lower profit margins.Shaobo that linen is Hunan product a distinctive feature of the textile industry, to do well and do fine in this product category, Hunan Huasheng three areas of work to do. First of all, to improve the product itself, although the linen natural health, but the itching feeling is a serious problem, in addition to not give up the high end product development, to be integrated in order to prove their strength; second, to extend the industry chain downstream , you can start from the OEM clothing, hemp fabric from clothing to seek the development point of view; the third direction is to expand the domestic transfer market, and gradually develop the domestic market of enormous potential, this is what the Beijing Fabric Exhibition in corporate strategy part.Jiangsu, Both Hard and Soft Plastic Pan Good QualityPan Jia, Jiangsu Textile Co., Ltd. booth flax, Yao Jianping, vice director for the reporters about the company’s linen products, including pure linen and all kinds of flax weaving, yarn dyed fabric, in addition to linen and nylon, wool, silk, Tencel and other raw materials mixed or blended linen fabric and a variety of high grade chemical fiber fabrics.Yao Jianping, said the company annual sales of 100 million U.S. dollars, profit margins of about 5% of the annual output of 4 million meters of pure linen yarn dyed, woven yarn dyed linen sticky 2,000,000 m, 1,000,000 m dyed woven cotton linen , in addition to artificial Siya hemp, flax cotton jacquard, linen cotton, linen blends, and many other varieties of sticky 2,000,000 m to 1,000,000 m range.In 2002, in order to meet market needs, enhance its international market competitiveness, the company set up in Changshu fine garment factory of Shanghai headquarters of the base and future development center, Yao Jianping, of the facility both from hardware and software systems are to meet customer needs.In addition, pan good sales of our products very broad, pan best in Dalian, China, Hong Kong and the United States, with offices in the Mainland has several distribution network. Jian Ping Yao said, has been the company’s products are of high quality customer acceptance, the current products are mainly exported to international markets, 85% is for export.Heilongjiang Yuan Bao was the Strength Characteristics of ProductsEarlier application for the mark in terms of Heilongjiang Yuan Bao Textile Co., Ltd., the characteristics of hemp products to make a major goal of the enterprise. The exhibition, brought in the Po plain round linen, linen cotton, linen and other blended adhesive, woven fabrics and all kinds of dyeing, printing fabrics, the weather linen is undoubtedly one of the highlights.Booth responsible Jinlong Jun explained that the sky’s new development using natural dyeing linen, hemp raw materials imported color, finished soft colors, texture and pure comfort, while retaining the original quality characteristics of linen, based on the growth of other advantages of fiber, high count fabric fine but not waxy, thick low branch Erbu coarse fabric, not only moisture permeability, sweat does not close, and has anti bacterial function, suitable for underwear, outerwear, infant clothing and home textile products.Jinlong Jun said that the weather linen Bowes years of study through the round, with green theme, the product has won three national patents, and Zurich TESTEX ZURICH through the testing and certification standards in line with international OEKO TEXSTANDARD100 obtained international “green” logo.

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