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Hemp Jewelry Making Resources on the Internet

Hemp Jewelry Making Resources on the Internet

make hemp jewelry as a subject seems more expired than its fair share and do not have existing sites, and waste sites that just a bunch of computer-generated links. I waded through the swamp that make hemp jewelry on the net and found some gems is. Whether you’re new to jewelry making hemp or hemp jewelry are addictive, you will find this site useful. Here is my favorite of the shortlist-hemp Jewelry making sites, along with a restriction or two. 1st How-to-make-jewelry. com: http://www. how-to-make-jewelry. com I’m partial to this site because it mine! This site is not on the list but only as a shameless plug. There are clear diagrams and instructions for the basic knots, and some great information for beginners. The spiral necklace free samples and ceramic bracelet patterns are both easy to follow and make fast. 2nd Handcrafted by Elaine: http://www. elainecraft. com / details / instructions. html Handcrafted by Elaine is a beautiful piece of jewelry macrame site with illustrations by macrame knotting techniques. There are many pictures of the artist’s work on the site, so this is a good place to be inspired. 3rd Beadage. net: http://www. beadage. net / hemp / index. shtml This well-designed site has clear instructions on basic knots. There are no project patterns on this site, but there are links to other resources for making hemp jewelry. 4th Essortment hemp products: http://wv. essortment. hempmacramej_rnsn com /. htm This link takes you to a well-written article about the first steps of your own hemp jewelry lead get what you need, when you get it, get basic ideas, where patterns and how to sell your work. 5th Making Friends. com is a free pattern for making a macrame butterfly here: http://www. making friends. com / macrame_butterfly. htm 6th Hippies Creations: http://www. hippie creations. com / I like this site for its beautiful examples of knotted jewelry with a variety of fibers. Great eye candy contribute that to your creative juices can flow. 7th About. com: Jewelry Making: http://jewelrymaking. about. com I hesitate to enter this site, but I felt, could not I leave them, because it always tries to make the first page of the jewelry. While there are some patterns and instructions are here, they are not really the greatest. The projects are easy to follow and easy, but if you are looking for knotting instructions or innovative design, you will be disappointed on this site. The macrame knots library is sparse, and has only a single photo of the finished each node rather than step-by-step instructions with diagrams. 8th How-to Tuesday Macrame bracelet video on YouTube: http://www. how-to-make-jewelry. com / hemp-bracelet-Video. html If you want to see hemp jewelry making in action, watch this video of a woman, a hemp bracelet. The actual “making” is set up so the video is not long and boring like a lot of how-to videos will be accelerated. 9th All Info’s about Textile Jewellery Making Section: http://jewelrymaking. allinfoabout. com / subjects / textiles. html This page is a definitely want to check, make hemp jewelry. A couple of nice projects, clear diagrams, and basic knot instructions, and some good tips. The fish bone necklace project is my favorite project on this site. 10th Handcrafted Hemp Designs: http://www. handcraftedhempdesigns. Citymax. com / Size_Care_Hemp_Jewelry. html No free samples here, but this article on caring for your jewelry hemp is good. This is a good site to check for some hippie-inspired design. Important note about the designs on the web sites with no clear pattern: All work you see on this website is protected by copyright. This means that you may not create copies of these designs without the express permission of the author. With a free pattern is very different from copying the work of an artist jewelry. Please list the work of jewelry artists in this article and to use their websites only as inspiration for your own designs.

Christine Gierer is a self-taught jewelry maker, crafter, and stay-at-home mom who enjoys sharing their passion with others. Visit her Web site how-to-make-jewelry. com free make hemp jewelry items and project design.

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