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hey! i think m codeine addicted cn anybody help me plz?

hey! i think m codeine addicted cn anybody help me plz?

hi all,
here r sum probs wid me abt addiction. let me tell u my eaxperience,
i was 17 very gud sportsperson, gud in studies also.
wen i got admission in engg. college, which was so far away frm my home thts y i started living in hostel wid my frens. everything was going fine nd i was so happy nd funloving guy never misses my my lectures, always loves to laugh, my frends was also as da same, v didn’t knw wat da hell drugs r nd even never met any addicted person before, bt wen i came to 3rd year some of my frenz came in contact of my some seniors, da seniors were used to take drugs nd i think they were addicted so my frenz also started taking drugs in da company of seniors, i got aware of dis wen i saw a corex(contains codeine)cough syrup in da pocket of my best frend.from dat time i started forcing him not to take dat bt he didn’t stopped it as he always keep saying its a heaven nd kept taking that, after 1 month i also tried half of da bottle to see wat it gives so, i was also feeling da pleasure nd felt lik wat a life after taking dis nd den after my frens & me both takes 1 bottle each wid 2 spasmo proxyvon capsules nd keep taking them for 3 months.

after dat i came to home nd nothing was wrong wid me i was ok to leave codeine at dat time bt i still wanted to take dat. after 2 weeks spending at home i returned back to coll nd started my daily routine in heaven, with da thinking of that i can leave ths any time any where as i was not addicted.
it was nt enough thn 1 day we found another shit marijuana, we were used to take dat in night wen codeine’s pleasure was at da end nd started taken 4 cigs in only 4 hrs nw dis was our daily routine.
wenever i goes to home i dnt used to take any thing bt wen returns back to college i couldn’t live without dat not due to my addiction but only to enjoy my remaining coll life nd ths whole proccess continued for 2 yrs.i also started telling lie to my parents for money evry month which was nt enough to get the codeine nd i finish the money in only a month, 4 which i will regret my whole life.
but after dat i realy wanted to leave dis, as my parents trusted me alot, m a mechanical engineer nw nd a job holder since 2 yrs passed, wenever i want to leave it i didnt think i cant live widout it , automatically my steps goes towards the pharmacy nd nw m taking 4 bottles per day, nw i dnt think dat m in heaven wen i consumes dat bt on da earth nd wen i dnt take it i want to cry even i dnt feel so much pain in my body but my nervous system is B/Down i agree nd cant live happy widout it as it gives me confidence 2 without taking dis i cnt talk to anyone.
even my parents also get aware of dis wen last time i was in home they hv seen me wid 6 bottles of corex wid me nd i was still hiding dat bt however i convince dem i m nt addicted nd sweared of god i will nt tak any more, my mom was literally crying 4 me to do so at dat time i made comitment to my self nw i really wont take, bt in vain its six months passed tht i came frm home to my job place nd i was still taking bt since 2 days i cold turkey, its my 2nd day nd my heart is still willing to take i dnt knw y it happens wenever i leave it just after a week i starts again. wat face i will show to my parents nd dat god, i sweared of.
cn i again cm to earth widout taking codeine, cn i still laugh out wid my frens or i will remain silent as it is 4 whole life.
plzzzzzz tell me anybody wat to do wth ths.

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