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Himfr.com reports Marijuana task force not such a spacey idea

Himfr.com reports Marijuana task force not such a spacey idea

Supervisor David Campos’ idea of a task force to create magic on medical marijuana a picture of a paramilitary enforcement pot – OK everyone, put the brownies and step away from the water pipes. Actually, says Campos, could not it harmless. “I see hearings and providing feedback. It is an opportunity, expertise and advice, not give final policy,” he said. Regardless of how Campos, she explains, is this still sound like a kookie San Francisco-concept. Campos’ plan is a 13-member Committee of the patients, medical marijuana, pharmacy operators collect neighborhood leaders and even (CFSP discuss) wineries new ground in medical marijuana policy. He sees the group looking into tax revenue from issuing (already in Oakland) to set standards for edible cannabis sanctioned to really controversial issues such as urban cultivation of pot. But let’s be honest, the chances that this group is to announce that marijuana should be heavily restricted, are very low. Honestly, this is not a bad idea. Campos says that if the Justice Department issued a policy memo states that in October, that pot-smoking patients and their authorized suppliers should not be treated separately for federal prosecutor – signals a new world for medical marijuana enforcement. “I think this is the future,” he said. “Some people are probably not happy about it, but the federal government signaled it will look different.” San Francisco is not the only city to explore this idea. This week, the medical marijuana task force for San Diego – never as a liberal bastion – will present recommendations for an improved licensing and zoning laws the City Council. “Certainly, there are a lot of policy difference between San Diego and San Francisco,” said Alex Kreit, a former lawyer who teaches now at a San Francisco Law School in San Diego and is chairman of the local Task Force. “But what I think is interesting, supported a total ban on pot clubs is only about 9 percent of the population.” “Perhaps,” said Campos, when he heard about San Diego’s Task Force, “we are not as radical as we think we are.” I would not go that far. Kreit says much of what San Diego studying what San Francisco has already done is based. There are discussions about holding dispensaries away from schools, limiting the concentration in the neighborhood, and establishing a rigorous approval process. What ground-breaking questions remain there for San Francisco? Campos wonders if it is the time to look at city-controlled growth. Find, compare and buy people who use marijuana, but where does it come from? The pot fairy tales? Of course, much of it is coming from illegal breeders, including sleazy grow houses in local neighborhoods. It is a recipe for criminal activities. “It is controversial, but if you could get the state to establish a clear and uniform rules for growing, that would make the most sense.” Said Bruce Mirkes, the San Francisco-based communications director for the national Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, DC And if the state will not do that, Campos says, “Maybe we should go that way.” It sounds controversial. But consider the alternative – letting medical marijuana dispensaries to expand without authorization, or planning restrictions. Right now in Los Angeles trying to do something to know what officials estimate the city 800-1000 dispensaries in full. “If a textbook about it, wanted to screw up how to write medical marijuana,” said Mirkes, “the first thing you should do the distribution of Los Angeles City Council.” Sounds like Los Angeles council members could use a medical marijuana task force. San Francisco could provide them some advice. In return, they could help us to form a task force, how to create win a professional basketball team.

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