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How Does Effexor Xr Work On Panic Attacks – How To Identify And Overcome Your Panic Attack Disorder

How Does Effexor Xr Work On Panic Attacks – How To Identify And Overcome Your Panic Attack Disorder

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Panic attack disorder is becoming very common in our ‘hustle and bustle’ society. Due to job pressures and other ‘everyday life’ problems many people have become isolated and have lost communication with family and friends. Voice-mail email bank machines and many other ‘modern conveniences’ lead to less human interaction. As people become more and more isolated sometimes they suffer from various mental disorders. If you are experiencing problems this overview may assist you in assessing your symptoms and how you can go about seeking help for your disorder.

Attacs are usually sudden episodes that occur without warning and can make a person feel as though they are about to die. A feeling of terrifying fear washes over them their heart rate goes through the ceiling and they may feel dizzy and nauseous. Some people may even lose consciousness for a short period of time. Fear that a person experiences is usually exaggerated and is not appropriate for the situation at hand. The attack will pass within a short time either a few seconds or a few minutes but to the person suffering this episode; it will seem like a lifetime. Panic attack disorder is serious business for those that suffer from the condition so it is important to understand the potential treatments that available to provide relief.

A person may go through their adolescent years with completely ‘normal’ anxiety type reactions to situations. Anxiety has similar symptoms; however they are usually not as severe and they normally dissipate fairly quickly. As a person grows older they may begin to suffer from full-blown attacks. It is not uncommon for someone to have a panic attack disorder in their early twenties. Genetics can play a role in this disorder and studies show that women are twice as likely as men to have a panic attack disorder.

Research has also shown a link between substance abuse and this disorder. Smoking can trigger increased anxiety although it is not fully understood if this plays a role in panic attacks. One theory is that smoking causes significant changes in respiratory function such as shortness of breath. A change in respiratory function can then lead to higher levels of anxiety which could eventually lead to a panic attack. On the other hand if someone is trying to quit smoking they may experience increased anxiety from withdrawal symptoms which could also increase trigger an attack. Marijuana as well as other types of drug use can lead to panic attacks since the drugs can make a person feel paranoid and anxious.

The effects of this disorder are very real and can be disabling to people that do not seek assistance. Repeated attacks can lead to phobias especially when these attacks occur in certain situations with specific triggers. For example if you were standing in line at the bank and suffered a panic attack you may develop a phobia about going to a bank. It may seem far fetched but this reality for many people.

Those that suffer from panic attack disorder should seek treatment. The condition is very treatable and many new medications have been developed. Medication in conjunction with psychotherapy can be a recipe for success. If you are experiencing this disorder take it upon yourself to seek out help. You can improve your quality of life and put this condition in your rear-view mirror!

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