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how much are these yu-gi-oh cards worth?

how much are these yu-gi-oh cards worth?

im selling off most of my deck and i want to know what the rare cards are worth so i dont get ripped off.

( note i dont remember the rating scale names right now so i’ll give a key.)

S = silver writing
H= holo
GH= gold writing and holo
SE= secreat rare

monster cards

Mad dog of darkness (S)
Blue-Eyes white dragon (H)
Millennium shield (GH)
Gemini Elf (SE)
Red-Eyes black dragon (SE)

effect monsters
Cyber Jar (S)
Hayabusa Knight (S)
Lesser Fiend (S)
Marie the fallen one (S)
Mask of darkness (S)
Sangan (S)
Tornado bird (S)
Witch of the black forest (S)
Kuriboh x 2 (H)
Barrel dragon (GH)
Fiber Jar (GH)
Kaiser sea horse (GH)
Jinzo (SE)

fusion monster
Black Skull Dragon (SE)

ritual monster
Relinquished (GH)


Dark core (S)
Mist body (S)
Monster Recovery (S)
Nobleman of extermination (S)
Pot of greed (S)
Spiritualism (S)
Black illusion ritual (H)
Graceful charity (H)
Monster Reincarnation (H)
Raigeki (H)
Scapegoat (H) *kinda roughed up*
Tribute to the doomed (H)
Axe of despair x 2 (GH)
Change of heart (GH)
Cost down (GH)
Creature swap (GH)
Mage power (GH)
Mystical space typhoon (GH)
Premature burial (GH)
The forceful sentry (GH)
Exchange (SE)
Harpie’s feather duster (SE)
Riroyku (SE)

Blast with chain (S)
Coffin seller (S)
Draining Shield (S)
Forced requisition (S)
Magic drain (S)
Michizure (S)
Spellbinding circle (S)
Mirror wall (H)
Shadow spell (H)
Horn of heaven (GH)
Judgment of anubis (GH)
Magic jammer (GH)
Mirror force (GH)
Acid trap hole (SE)
Magic cylinder (SE)
Metalmorph (SE)
Negate attack (SE)

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