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How much is my Yu-gi-oh deck worth?

How much is my Yu-gi-oh deck worth?

Dark Crusader 1st Edition
Infernity Beast
Snipe Hunter 1st Edition
Destiny Hero- Defender
Dark Magician
Element Soldier
Archfiend Soldier
Genex Controller 1st Edition
Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness LIMITED EDITION
Power Invader 1st Edition
Magic Hole Golem 1st Edition
(2) Shiny Black “C”
Dark Armed Dragon
Spell Reactor RE
Dice Jar
Twin- Sword Marauder 1st Edition

-Trap Cards-
Meteor Flare
Destruct Potion
Enchanted Javelin
Karma Cut
Coffin Seller
Magic Cylinder 1st Edition
Call Of The Haunted 1st Edition

-Spell Cards-
Magical Stone Excavation 1st Edition
Pot Of Avarice 1st Edition
Dark Magic Curtain
Hammer Shot
Swords Of Revealing Light
Mystical Space Typhoon 1st Edition
Lucky Iron Axe
Sword Of Kusanagi
Spell Chronicle
Soul Taker 1st Edition
Heavy Storm 1st Edition
Creature Swap 1st Edition
Temple Of The Sun
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