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How should I pot a Vanda orchid?

How should I pot a Vanda orchid?

I bought a Vanda orchid from eBay, and didn’t realize until just now when it was delivered that Vandas should be put in a slatted basket to hang. So now I have the plant and nothing to put it in! Is there any other way to “pot” a Vanda besides teak baskets? What should I do with it in the meantime, if I must get a basket? I know I’ve seen sellers hang Vandas without those baskets, but I’m not sure how it was done. PLEASE help a.s.a.p.!!! I don’t want to kill it, and it’s already not looking so great from the shipping process… =/
I buy many, many orchids on eBay, and rarely have problems. But yes, it’s always safer to buy them in person, I agree. Sadly, there’s only one place I can get orchids in Gainesville right now, and they’re having problems with their vendor, so I’ve had no choice but to buy online. This is my first Vanda, though, and I didn’t realize I needed a basket until the thing came in the mail! I’ll try the sphagmum moss, though…thanks!

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