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How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Id In Sacramento

How To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Id In Sacramento

If you are undergoing treatments for a disease such as cancer, you know that effective relief from the pain can be difficult to find. Pain medications can be addictive and expensive, and have undesirable side effects. Yoga and meditation can be helpful but they do not work for everyone. Many people find that for relief of pain and nausea, marijuana is very effective and relatively safe. Fortunately for those who live in Sacramento or other areas of California, laws now allow the purchase of medical marijuana without fear of legal repercussions. Marijuana’s journey towards legality in Sacramento began in 1996. This is the year that citizens of California voted to pass Proposition 215. This proposition allowed people to use, transport, and cultivate marijuana for medical purposes. Once this happened people started growing and using marijuana much more openly. In order to answer some of the questions that this raised, the Senate passed Bill 420. This bill created an identification program for those wanting to use marijuana in Sacramento for medical purposes. This identification program allows people to use their marijuana without worrying about legal punishment. If you are interested in using marijuana for medical purposes in Sacramento, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, you are going to need a letter from your doctor that recommends the use of marijuana for your particular medical condition. If your doctor will not write a letter for you there are websites that maintain directories of doctors who are willing to write these letters. Once you have your letter in hand, you will need to pick up an application for a Medical Marijuana ID card. This application is available at the Sacramento County Office of Vital Statistics. It can also be printed from the internet. With this application you will need a photo ID, proof that you live in California, a non-refundable application fee of $166, and the all-important letter of recommendation from your doctor. Once you have collected all of these documents and completed the application, don’t expect to just drop it all off at the office. Applications can only be turned in by appointment. You will need to call 916-875-0994 to make an appointment. The Sacramento County Office of Vital Statistics schedules these appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays only. After you turn in your application the processing time can be up to 35 days. It is worth noting that your MMID will be valid for one year from the date that it is issued. After it expires you will need to reapply in order to have a new card issued. Once you have been approved for your Medical Marijuana ID card in Sacramento, you will want to keep it handy to avoid possible legal repercussions from your possession or use of marijuana. Although the state government cannot prosecute you, the US government still considers possession of marijuana to be illegal. In some cases the federal government has even prosecuted people who believed that they were acting in accordance with the laws in Sacramento. Fortunately, if this should happen to you there are legal organizations that will advocate on your behalf.

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