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How to Beat a Drug Test

How to Beat a Drug Test

Nowadays, it is a requirement for the employers to take and pass a drug test before they land on a job they want. Some might feel it awkward but you need to put yourself in the shoes of a company that will hire you. Here’s an easy way to beat a drug test.

1. Keep a standard drug test. If you plan for a schedule, the most convenient way to overcome a drug test is to simply flush the drugs out of your system.

2. Drinks lots of water because this is effective in beating a drug test. If the scheduled drug test is within 72 hours, there are people who can beat a drug test by drinking nothing except water for three days. The amount of water that you need to drink will range from 64 ounces a day to a gallon over the course of three days. However this will not guarantee effectivity to every individual.

3. Detoxifying can clean up the system of drugs. In fact, there are drug companies that provide detoxification products that claim to rid your system of any trace of drugs as soon as one day before you undergo a drug tests. While not all of them were proven to be effective, it can be another method to beat a drug test.

4. Undergo a saliva drug test. There are available products on the market that you can buy as a substitute your urine sample with a clean sample. Keep in mind however that this is risky, but feasible option most especially for those who need to beat a drug test to get a job; this is a risky, but feasible option. You can also look for synthetic urine is available online for an ostensible price. No need to worry because this is absolutely legal to purchase.

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