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How to Grow Marijuana ? Chapter 1 ? Lighting

How to Grow Marijuana ? Chapter 1 ? Lighting

Marijuana is a wonderful herb that grows naturally all over the planet. Unfortunately, it is still illegal marijuana growing in many countries. Please check your local laws on growing marijuana. With that said, let, AOS will always get more! He, AOS is a general consensus that growing herbs are best with a good hydro system. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. There are a few different ways to grow with hydro, but regardless, you have to pick up some supplies. First, you need a light source, grow your herbs. There are several technologies exist, and I pull the advantages and disadvantages of each for you. The least expensive and inefficient source of light compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). There are two different types of CFL lighting. Some people grow marijuana with CFL bulbs. You can pick these up at the grocery store and a splitter at your local hardware store. He, AOS to be a good idea for at least the 100-watt light bulbs, because anything less is not enough light to add. Note that these are not particularly efficient, so that as much as 8 or more to grow and flourish need three plants. The other type of CFL lighting is the shop light style. These have a metal bracket as a reflector and the lamps themselves are used long and cylindrical. This type of lighting is a little more efficient than the CFL bulb, but still not ideal for the cultivation of marijuana. Regardless, choose which type of CFL bulb you strive for the bluest temperature for vegetative growth and the hottest color of light to bloom. The next type of lighting is metal halide (MH). You will see metal halide lamp lights whenever you leave your house out night as that, AOS, use what most street lamps. Metal halide lamps lighting works by converting power with a ballast and then they provide a HID lamp. This type of light is very good for vegetative growth, but not so much for the flower. These systems use a lot of heat and electricity make essential so that you always use in conjunction with MH should be well ventilated. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting is probably the best lighting for the money. Just as the metal halide lamps HPS system also uses a ballast and an HID bulb. The advantage is that a fuller spectrum, which plants for both vegetative growth and flowering appreciate. While it is not quite as good as MH for vegetative growth, it is almost ideal for the flower. This system also runs pretty hot, it should be used in conjunction with proper ventilation. Light-Emitting Diode technology (LEDs) is about to grow, the best lighting technology, with marijuana. It is extremely powerful and a 90-watt LED can deliver as much usable light as a 600 watt high pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamp system. NASA is a fine tuning of the LED technology in the hope of sustaining life in space with LED farming. A good LED panel is a bit pricy but worth every penny because it gives off virtually no heat and consumes less power than your TV. Most systems use only blue and red light, but surprisingly a marijuana plant will thrive only with these two colors of light. Once you pick up your light source to help some fans with circulation and warmth. A good light source is beginning to grow a successful hydroponic system.

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