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How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed – How To Dilute WITHOUT Getting Flagged By The Lab

How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed – How To Dilute WITHOUT Getting Flagged By The Lab

www.howtopassadrugtest420.org How to pass a drug test with dilution, WITHOUT getting flagged by the lab. If you smoke pot, you probably already know about passing a drug test with dilution. But unfortunately, what you *think* you know is probably wrong. There’s only so much info you can fit in a video, but my website is loaded with details on exactly how to pass a drug test for weed, so stop by and check it out. I’ve also got the latest info there on how to pass a saliva test, in case you’re gonna be given a mouth swab instead of a urine test. But the vast majority of smokers will be given urine drug tests, and there’s been a lot of false information passed around about dilution for a long time. When it’s done right, it’s is still the MOST effective way to pass a drug test, hands down. But only if you do it the RIGHT way… If you’re desperate to pass a drug test, you might be tempted to spend a wad of cash on a commercial detox product. But let me tell ya, they’ve got a lousy track record. I work for a major health food store chain that sells a lot of detox kits, so I know what a rip-off they are. Believe it or not, diluting enough to test negative really isn’t that hard to do. For most folks, the HARDEST part is hiding their dilution from the testing lab. Because if they see that your specimen is diluted, you’ll either have to take your test over (if you’re lucky), or you might even get an automatic fail. I’ve never used a detox drink or kit or anything like that, and I

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