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How To Pass A Drug Urine Test And Urine Drug Testing

How To Pass A Drug Urine Test And Urine Drug Testing

These are some do’s and don’t s when looking to pass a drug test. Information found here is considered to be concise and professional as the author is an authority on issues such as knowing how to pass a drug test.Don’t mask your urine sample. Drinking too much water doesn’t work. You need to find an awesome cleanser/flusher. Refrain from using a premixed pee solution. Stay away from the niacin products.Masking the pee sample. Don’t try to fool the piss test. You’ll screw yourself. Internet products that claim to mask dilute or add properties to you r urine will kick you in the ass as the testing administrator will require further testing.Never try to drink too much water to dilute the sample as your sample will be too clear and you will just have a cup full of clear pee and lots of drug metabolites.Get a great detox tea that has been specially designed for such a reason. I recommend one that has been working for centuries. Check my author box below for links. Products like this will get rid of the bad stuff in less than 12 hours. Wonderful.No more pre-mixed urine stuff. Don’t buy pee solutions.You’ll get busted as the administrators are testing for these. They know all available concoctions.No niacin. Niacin products out there today, in high doses can kill you. You might have a niacin overdose and, if you’re lucky, end up in the hospital-not dead. Niacin doesn’t do the trick anyway.Drug tests can detect drugs in your system for a while depends on the drug. Check the internet. It’s littered with products that guarantee to help you pass a drug test. Merchants claim to offer a 500% money back guarantee if they’re product sucks, and it usually does. They fail to mention that after you buy and use their stuff and you get a positive test result, you won’t be around to collect the refund. One product produces the test results you want. At the bottom of this article is an author box. You can find a great product there. Drug screening is more sophisticated every day, but by being hip to stuff that works, who cares because you’ll have the underground info as to what works, and there will be zero drugs or metabolites left in your system to show a positive result.

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