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how viable is marinol? I am 17 with bad adhd?

how viable is marinol? I am 17 with bad adhd?

i have really bad adhd…or so my doctor says. I took about three tests to come to this conclusion. I quit smoking weed about a month ago. Since then i have lost 20 lbs even though ive been eating more than ever before. I’m almost certain my doctor is going to put me on some type of amphetamine, this scares me because to be honest every time i tried(very seldom) one of these pills from one of my friends, ive lost at least 2 pounds each time. Ive gone from a healthy 160lbs to 135lbs in a little under a month(from quitting pot). Also, since ive refrained from marijuana use my body shakes subconsciously on a daily basis, which i think contributes to my weight loss. How audacious would i be to question my psychiatrist about off-label use of marinol(thc pills). When i smoked pot i had helped me tremendously to calm my nerves and impulses…………………………I am also wary of asking my doctor because he may think i am a consistent drug user since i was caught with marijuana on me and now have to go to drug court for 10 different drugs!!! Ive never done prescription or illicit drugs unless prescribed to me(except marijuana). Please i need some opinions as to how a psychiatrist would generally react to this question! By the way he seemed like a laidback doctor who made our conversations seem very open. He didn’t seem to advocate marijuana use but explained how it was synonymous with 80% of people with add/adhd. Sorry for me to type this long…ive been very high-strung since abstaining from cannabis.

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