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Humen Popular Clothing Or A New Low-Carbon Economic Growth

Humen Popular Clothing Or A New Low-Carbon Economic Growth

“Low-carbon economy,” the new term has gradually entered all horizons, the domestic garment production base in Humen, a low-carbon clothing is also gradually rising. Understand today’s interview, many local clothing enterprises began to use low-carbon material. According to fox clothing brand design director Liu Honggang introduced in the spring and summer of this year’s new products, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber fabric such as new environment-friendly material has been widely used in clothing. According to reports, in addition to the national response to the call, these low-carbon material has its advantages, “spring and summer with particular emphasis on comfort and feel fabric, and bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber fabric better meet this requirement.” Pine eagle high-end men’s clothing line to go, the season is also integrated into the product composition of organic cotton. Also used in the packaging of biodegradable non-woven bags for packaging, to avoid pollution to the environment. Branded apparel companies began to get involved not only the field of low-carbon, foundry also felt a “low carbon” of strikes. A garment factory in Humen Town, mouth the person in charge, this year, businesses in order to plant some have requested use of environmentally friendly clothing fabrics such as hemp or flax fibers, which were previously dominated by cotton material. The data show that a cotton T shirt in his life in carbon dioxide emissions is about 28 times its weight, higher fiber clothes. In contrast, cotton, hemp and other natural fabrics like synthetic materials such as the synthetic oil, so less energy and produce less pollutants. The industry believes that, although the country has not yet issued clothing “carbon emission standard” low-carbon business requirements of clothing are not many, but with the idea of gradually to a low carbon, low carbon clothing apparel will surely become the focus of attention and new economic growth point.

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