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I think I’m dying. Do you understand the cerebrum?

I think I’m dying. Do you understand the cerebrum?

Ok so here’s my problem. About three months ago I smoked K2 Summit, which is an legal “incense” designed to get you high much like marijuana. I was with a friend who could not smoke marijuana, and had some K2 he purchased from a head shop, and we both smoked it. He got all giggly and I felt like I was going to die and it felt as though my brain was liquefying inside my skull. I did not smoke anymore. About a week later I began to have terrible headaches that never stopped, and varied in intensity, but at the worst times felt somewhat like the K2 made me feel like. About a month later I had to go to the ER my brain hurt so bad and I could not think or function at all, and now 3 months after all of this, with wicked headaches every single day, I have been seeing a neurologist to fix this “headache”. This pain I feel does not feel like a normal headache or even migraine, it’s like someone is trying to squeeze my brain and I feel on the verge of death, and every single category of migraines might have one or two similar characteristics but overall it doesn’t fit the scheme. I have been given a lot of different medications to relieve headaches, and none of them have worked. Since this happened three months ago I cannot smoke marijuana, or I can’t stand being alive for the following three hours if I do. The same happens with hydrocodone, which I was given for my headaches, and sugar triggers it as well. I cannot eat any sugar at all. I’ve been trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with me because I cannot go on living like this and I think I may have discovered the answer. First off, I have a dopamine disorder I believe, which causes me to have a decline in neurocognitive functions, especially with memory, attention, and problem solving, all of which I have a lot of trouble with, and are the major aspects of attention deficit disorder. I think when I smoked the K2 it had an adverse reaction with dopamine receptors in my brain, so that instead of feeling pleasure or suppressing pain when I should be feeling pleasure, I feel pain. I have an adderall prescription which is the only chemical that had helped with my “headaches” at all. I also have drank alcohol which is basically a miracle drug and the only “medication” that has been able to successfully take away all of the pain I am experiencing almost every minute of every day. But of course alcohol is not a drug you want to consume on an every day basis, and I try not to. Adderall and Alcohol cause a decrease in dopamine 2 receptor quantity, and the only other drugs I am aware of that do this are cocaine and heroine, which I will never do. This theory that my dopamine receptor has been altered explains why sugar, Ritalin, opioids, and THC all give me such excruciating pain in my brain, and why alcohol removes it completely and amphetamines mask it. My question is what prescription medications decrease the quantity of dopamine receptors like alcohol? Or can anybody offer any kind of help at all, because I feel like I am in uncharted territory, and a frightening one at that.

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